The most dangerous
road in the world

15.260 Feet

43 Miles Long

La Paz & Coroico

About yungas



The Yungas is a slender area of forest that runs along the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains, going from Peru through Bolivia and into the north of Argentina. This special ecosystem of land is the transition period between the forest floor and the Andes Highlands. A mixture of streams, valleys and fluvial mountain trails all contribute to the formation of this unique environment. What results is....

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Since the opening of an alternative road in 2007, mountain bike companies have been setting up tours of the most dangerous road in the world. Thrill seeking tourists have been coming ever since to get a first hand experience of the life taking road. It must be said though that while there is no doubt that there is still danger in entering the stretch of land, Death Road is much safer now with deaths far less frequent than in the past.

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how to get there

how to get there


The least popular way to reach La Paz and death road but in theory you can do it.

how to get there


The most popular and most cost effective way to reach La Paz and eventually death road.

how to get there


This offers the quickest way to reach La Paz but it this does come at a costly price.

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