Since the opening of an alternative road in 2007, mountain bike companies have been setting up tours of the most dangerous road in the world. Thrill seeking tourists have been coming ever since to get a firsthand experience of the deadly road. It must be said though that while there is no doubt that there is still danger in entering the stretch of land, Death Road is much safer now with deaths far less frequent than in the past. Traffic has completely halted in parts of the road to allow tourists to have full freedom of road as they enjoy their adventure down the mountain. The main concern now is with what tour provider you use. There arr a lot of tour providers in La Paz who use bad bikes with old rusty brakes. If you plan on booking a tour in La Paz we can’t stress enough the caution you must exercise. You must not let the draw of a slightly cheaper tour take your attention away from keeping safety as your first priority. We recommend using the site Find Local Trips. They are a price comparison site who offer tours from reputable suppliers who are well respected within the industry. All the tours featured on the site also offer a bilingual guide with every tour.

The cost of a tour to Death Road will vary depending on exactly which tour provider you choose but the general price of a day tour is between $70 - $120.


Known as the most dangerous road in the world, such a title is not earned unless some serious tragedies have taken place. The original road was only one lane wide, nowhere near enough to comfortably cater for two cars passing each other, let alone two buses or trucks. When the rainy season hit the road would only creep thinner and thinner due to heavy rainfall turning parts of the road to mud, where it would get slid over the edge of the cliff face as cars pass.,

7:00 am

Collection takes place from either a prearranged meeting point or your hostel / hotel. Here you will first meet your guide for the day. From here you will leave La Paz and drive to La Cumbre, this is the highest point of the tour at roughly 4,650m, and also the starting point.

9:00 am

Once you arrive you will get your personal equipment, which consists of a bike, helmet, gloves and padding. You will be given a talk on security by your guide and he will then to check to make sure everyone's equipment is on correctly. Usually a small snack is had at this point

10:00 am

And you begin! The start of your journey will be on smooth tarmac and you will continue on until you reach the town of Unduavi.

10:30 am

The tarmac disappears and the dirt road starts at an altitude of 2,700m. Just as the jungle begins and the smooth road stops, the most dangerous road in the world begins. You, your group and your guide will cycle carefully down, passing through rivers and under waterfalls, all the while surrounded by an abundance of flora and fauna.

12:30 am

You’ll get roughly 20 minutes to have a break and enjoy some refreshments.

1:45 pm

You’ve accomplished Death Road! At the lower altitude of 1,200m you can enjoy some nice weather and share in the party with your group.After this, the group will head to a hotel where everyone will have the chance to wash up and have some lunch.

4:30 pm

The bus will travel back to La Paz

7:00 pm

Arrival at La Paz (exact drop off point will vary based on your provider)

"End of the Journey"

Once you book with a trusted tour provider we can pretty much promise you’ll have a fantastic time. With such an enjoyable and heart pounding cycle surrounded by amazing scenery the only thing that could halt a fantastic day is a poor tour provider. If you try and find a tour in La Paz you may be hit with lots of offers from tour providers telling you they can give you the same tour but for as low as $50. We encourage anyone booking a tour to use the site Find Local Trips, where the tour providers are all well-known, legitimate providers who have a proven track record of providing safe, high-quality tours. There are so many horror stories that come from people who visited La Paz and get scammed by tours which are filled with promises that were not fulfilled. For this reason our main focus is to make sure every tourist who visits La Paz has an enjoyable experience!