What to Bring

If you're struggling to decide what exactly to pack, don't worry! Just follow this guide to find out what to bring to Death Road.


Rain Jacket

Even if you visit Death Road during the dry season you will still have to cycle through some small waterfalls. To avoid having to ride in damp clothes, make sure to bring some sort of waterproof clothing.If you visit Death Road during rainy season, you will definitely need a rain jacket to protect you from potentially turning into a human puddle!

Proper Shoes

Please do not attempt to cycle the most dangerous road in the world wearing flip flops or crocs. Some form of sneaker type shoe should be worn preferably but the main thing is that you don't wear something that could be constantly falling off your feet!


Warm Clothes

The beginning of the cycle takes place at a very high altitude and it will be very cold here so be sure to wear warm clothes for the first part of the tour. The temperature in Cumbre where you begin your cycle is regularly below freezing in winter time so be warned! Having warm clothes could consist of a hoodie, a warm top and some tracksuit bottoms.


As you descend the mountain and the weather improves, you may start to feel the heat, so having a pair of shorts could come in handy. It will also be nice to have something to change into if your pants are wet.


Sunscreen and Sunglasses

The high altitude will make you more exposed to the sun and because you will be spending multiple hours in direct contact with the sun's rays you must be careful not to get extremely burned. The sunglasses serve two purposes, to protect you from the sun’s harsh glare and to shield your eyes from the dust that will come up from the ground.

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitos and other insects are common in the humid environment of the Yungas. Bring along some mosquito repellent to protect yourself from bites.


Food & Drink

Water and some snacks are provided on the tours so packing water and some food is not essential but people do tend to pack some extra snacks because it can be a very long day. Most tour providers have a water tank on the bus so you can fill up your water bottle as you need but you should check this with your provider to be sure as it can vary based on the company you choose.


If you want to see Death Road you will need to carry some money with you, about 50Bs to be exact. There is a charge for bikers riding Yungas Road, this charge is separated into two equal payments of 25B, one at the start where you enter the road and one at the end of the road.


What Not to Bring

Make sure not to bring a huge backpack with you for the cycle. The weight and size will make you much more likely to lose your balance on the bike. And if there was ever a time you would not want to lose your balance on a bike then it would be when you're cycling the most dangerous road in the world. All your cycle gear is also provided so there is no need to rent a bike or bring any helmets!